7 Benefits of attending the CEO School Australia for Entrepreneurs and Managers | CEO School

How you benefit

Benefits of joining CEO School:

–    Intense interactions with experienced CEOs

–    Form a CEO Peer Group for thoughtful problem solving

–    Experience one on one Coaching

–    Enhance your leadership credibility

–    Understand key decision points in your business life

–    Prepare for unexpected Black Swan events

We will weave together stories of hardship, overcoming obstacles and problem solving, as we interact in CEO Encounter sessions. We will form CEO Peer Groups for thoughtful problem solving. Lastly we will use one on one Coaching to embed some of the habits and tools most useful in your CEO stewardship.

Our principle themes will focus on common avoidable mistakes made by CEOs. These include:

  • Power of Effective Leadership
  • Establish Oversight Systems
  • Understanding Capital Markets & Transactions
  • Navigate the Unexpected – Black Swan Events

Our approach is real world – based on street smarts – for how business events unfold and how skilful CEOs engage and navigate their way through. We will not focus on broad strategy formulation, nor an academic or text book view of the CEO role.

You will come through the CEO School experience with a stronger awareness of your personal strengths, how to harness your team towards a common vision, and with proven habits & tools for more consistent leadership at critical points in your business life. We hope this will become a game changing experience for you.

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