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Chris Witt

Chris Witt

Christopher Witt - CEO School

Christopher Witt, MBA, FAICD, is a leading entrepreneur and advocate in Australia and a key educator.

An authority on innovation, commercialisation and entrepreneurship, Christopher Witt is founder of the CEO School in Australia.

Christopher Witt is also a:

  • Partner of Kalori Group Investments,
  • Moderator of CEO School & the CEO Network
  • Founder of the Centre for Innovation & Entrepreneurship at the Australian School of Business™.

Co-founding Partner of The Kalori Group

Mr Witt is a co-founding Partner of The Kalori Group, established in 1998 to advise & invest in innovative, fast growing private companies. The group specialises in the manufacturing, IT, communications, and medical technology sectors.

Investment Leader

Mr Witt has led investments in companies such as Brasserie Bread, Medical Australia, Health Communications Network (HCN), HostWorks, T3 Communications, and BodyOnline. He currently advises companies and boards on growth options, merger/acquisition activity, and consolidation strategies.

Founding Director of the UNSW Centre for Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Mr Witt was the founding Director of the UNSW Centre for Innovation & Entrepreneurship (2007-10), and writes extensively on leadership and small group dynamics, and strategic developments in rapidly changing industries. Christopher also teaches through the Australian Institute of Company Directors (AICD).

Senior Executive at AT&T (USA), Telstra, Motorola

Mr Witt held senior executive roles at AT&T (USA), Telstra, and Motorola (Asia) in a variety of roles including sales, new technology deployments, acquisitions, building distribution channels, and forming strategic relationships.

Education and qualifications

Mr Witt holds dual Bachelor of Arts (Economics) and Bachelor of Science degrees (Industrial Engineering). He also has an MBA from the Kellogg Graduate School of Management from Northwestern University in Chicago, USA.